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A division of Active Engineering, QuaX Pumps is based in Burton-on Trent, United Kingdom in a 5,000 square foot facility allowing both large and small batch production.   Founded in 1987, and building hydraulic submersible pumps since 1988, Active Engineering has been providing exceptional products and service for over 20 years.  QuaX Pumps was recently founded to hone in on Active’s hydraulic submersible products and power packs. 

QuaX currently manufactures 2” to 8” models of high quality submersible hydraulic pumps and power packs suitable for pumping sludge and water. The ability to pump sludge and similar materials, with highly reliable and durable systems, is the QuaX specialty.  In addition, testing capabilities for pumps up to 8 inches in diameter are also housed at the facility.  QuaX focus on three line hydraulics as well as quick and simple rebuild.  This enables the pumps to operate at maximum run times.  

The company has recently expanded their sales efforts to North America by entering into an agreement with EELLC (Easley Enterprises LLC).  Together the EELLC North American Sales Team (NAST) and QuaX Pumps will continue to build upon the decades of success, with localized service and support in North America.  For additional information on the QuaX Products, please visit www.quaxpumps.com.

Heavy Duty Pumping Solutions

  • Whether you are looking to drain sludge, water or sewage our comprehensive range of pumping products provide the answer to a range of issues.
  • The QuaX design allows operation in the most rugged environments.
  • Various discharge capacities, vertical suction lifts and maximum head lifts ensure each customer finds a product to suit their individual needs.
  • Available in a range of capacities, our submersible hydraulic pumps offer a selection of features to operate in adverse conditions to ensure you get the result you are looking for.
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Benefits of QuaX Products

  • Replaceable and Stainless Wear Parts
  • Certified Lifting Eye
  • Hydraulic Operation by Power Pack or Skid Steer Hydraulics
  • Three Line Hydraulic Design
  • High Pressure Motor
  • Rugged Design
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