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Yongcheng Group

Yongcheng Group

With international headquarters in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province China, YongCheng Group (YC) operates an industrial complex of 37,000 square meters.  In this modern industrial plant, YC maintains analysis and development laboratories, a testing center, foundry, machining workshop, warehouse, and administrative facilities.  The company supports the design and production of prototypes, replacement parts and OEM production quantity metal parts.

By listening to their clients and making continued investments, YC has responded effectively to the challenges and needs of the global market. The extensive product line is a true “mix of solutions” in continuous casting, centrifuged casting and CNC machining.  The company specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of copper, brass and bronze components for equipment and machinery in agriculture, mining, construction, wind energy, oil and gas (fracking and drilling), ship building and several other industries.  YC is also a key OEM production parts supplier to many heavy equipment manufacturers around the world, including replacement parts for crushers, excavators and electric rope shovels as well as high volume component parts and assemblies for several key industries.  YC is well positioned for growth in areas that call for precision CNC machining and production of OEM parts, copper/brass/bronze castings, cast/grey iron castings, steel alloys and steel forgings.

In order to continuously improve and maintain high quality, the company has invested millions of dollars in foundry equipment from Germany, machining equipment from MAZAK and DOOSA as well as testing equipment from Zeiss and Fora in recent years.  In addition, YC maintains strict production process controls.  In 2002, the company  was certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSOS 18001. In 2014, they became a certified supplier to GE and Siemens. The YC testing center has also been certified by CNAS, a strict inspection that includes high precision detection ability.

The comanies Quality Assurance process insures the production of high quality products and the ability to trace all product flow.  The continuous quality process identifies any out of tolerance parts.  YC’s ISO 9001 program is applied to the traceability and record retention procedures.  These procedures allow for the tracing of any part produced, even years later, including reference to production logs and the review of the applicable production details.

In the final preparation of parts for shipment to clients, YC’s Inspection process is strictly and thoroughly controlled.  The quality team inspects every part to the specifications and requirements called out by the drawing and purchase order.  YC uses the most appropriate modern inspection tools, including a CMM (coordinate-measuring machine), a powerful inspection tool providing very accurate and detailed results.

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