Dontyne Gears was formed in 2013 to address the growing requirement in the industry to accelerate drivetrain development processes. It is the latest venture from Dr. Michael Fish, one of the team behind Dontyne Systems Ltd, a prominent company in the field of Gear Design, Measurement and Tooling software.  Due to production commitments it is not always possible, easy, or cost effective for manufacturers to investigate new technology and realize the benefits it offers. Dontyne Gears aims to provide this facility at Technical Readiness Levels 1-3 to establish feasibility. We can offer creation of new designs, improvement of existing designs and R&D of novel designs at the front end as well as prototype manufacture, component inspection and even testing on the back end.  In addition to the design work it is possible to consider tool design, machining times and costs, as well as propose alternative materials such as powder metal and plastic where possible.

Bringing these aspects under one roof it is possible to make great strides in production efficiency and performance in a shortened time. Our team has also developed sales relationships with several prominent providers of gear manufacturing, test and inspection equipment. This enables us to provide product application solution hardware sales and ease of integration to Dontyne Systems software to our customer’s production facilities. Once established as feasible, it is possible to scale up the R&D process though institutions such as AMRC or AFRC and ultimately into the clients own product testing process.

Some Of The Specialist Services Offered By Dontyne Gears Include:


Design and Analysis Service to create new gear systems or optimize existing ones.  This can include analysis of operating criteria under load such as stress, vibration, efficiency and power loss.


Manufacture and Inspection capable of producing and inspecting test gears up to 500 mm diameter using high precision machines.


Testing and Validation utilizing a range of test rigs in-house and with our development partners at The Design Unit, Newcastle Upon Tyne, to validate various performance criteria designs.


Product Development by assisting with the design and development of your gearing system with proven performance and, if required, offer a turn key solution to reproduce this for our customers.


Gear Design & Manufacturing Services specializing in prototyping and manufacturing Services, creation of new designs, research and development of novel designs and improvement and testing of existing designs.


Product Representation by offering the Dontyne Systems Gear Production Suite software used in our analysis as well as product training as a part of a knowledge transfer process.  The software can be used to design gear pairs, complete gearbox, as well as tooling.  We can also show how to integrate the software to your manufacturing equipment for savings in production time and cost.


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Dontyne Gears can provide a range of services to support our customers needs


  • Measurement & Documentation for Existing Gears

  • Prototyping & Manufacturing services

  • Manufacture and Inspection of master gears

  • Creation of new designs and tooling design

  • Research & Development of Novel Designs

  • Improvement and Testing of existing designs

  • Lifetime and Extended Wear testing of parts

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