With headquarters in Newcastle England, Dontyne Systems Limited, a worldwide leader in the development of gear process improvement software modules, was incorporated in 2006 to develop and license gear design and manufacturing software solutions, tools and consultancy to the motion control industry. The company was founded by Dr. David Palmer and Dr. Michael Fish and now has grown to now include offices in Europe, Australia and North America. Dontyne Systems innovates highly specialized software optimization tools that impact design and performance of gears across a range of industries and applications.

The company offers software and services aimed at the optimum production of gear components and their use in the power transmission industry. The range of products allows end-to-end control of the gear manufacturing process.

The Dontyne Systems gear production suite has been developed as a collection of individually licensed software tools (or modules). These can be applied at various points of the production process, and interface with existing software and equipment. This allows centralization and analysis of project data which leads to improved efficiency, cost savings and better quality control.

Dontyne Systems and EELLC also offer training for all products, custom teaching courses and consultancy services for project work. This includes development programs with various partners for applications ranging from ship building, wind turbines and mining, to small scale and specialist equipment.  For more information on Dontyne Systems and their products please visit www.dontynesystems.com.

EELLC provides services to our principals focusing on proper niche market identification and development, tactical marketing, brand building, consistent contact management, revenue growth, client retention and after sales support.

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