Current Models: W3040, W3050, W3080, W3085, W3095, W3155, W3185, W3011, W3012, W3013, W3014, W3015, SW-D900S, SW-D600S, W2005, W1002, W1003, HW-D25H, HW-D250S, HW-D200H, SW-3500-20, UI-3002, UI-7003, UI-9001

Current Models: TCW-315, PHU-35, TCW-DP100B

Current Models: NRW—IN4200, NRW-IN8400A, NRW-IN16K4, NRW-IN400P, NAW-IN400PA, MCW-700, MCW-750, NRW-DC150, QC-450, QC-100A, FG-400

With headquarters in Yokohoma Japan, Nippon Avionics is pleased to offer an extensive line of micro joining products.  The company was founded in 1960 and is promoting the micro joining products with the AVIO trade name. EE is pleased to represent this Avio product line in North America offering four unique micro joining technologies:


1.   Resistance welding technology for joining metal to metal

2.   Pulse heating (hot bar bonding) technology for soldering electronic components

3.   Seam sealing technology for welding a lid onto a case containing electronic components

4.   Ultrasonic equipment for resin welding, resin melt cutting, resin cutting, metal joining and food cutting


See the summary information below on these products and feel free to visit the Avio website for more detailed information, videos and application uses:


Micro Joining Principles | Micro Joining Equipment | NIPPON AVIONICS CO.,LTD. 

Current Models: NAW-6100 (High Power Type), NAW 6000 (Standard Type), SW-3500-20, UI-3002, UI-7003, UI-9001

Seam Sealing


Seam welding (seam sealing) is an equipment to put a lid on a package to seal electronic components. The purpose is to isolate the components inside the package from outside air, and to keep them stable for a long period of time.


This is called hermetic sealing.


The type of components placed inside the package includes crystal devices, MEMS, sensors and optical devices. Same as the case of resistance welding, seam sealing also welds the package and the lid using pressure force and electricity.

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